Kyoto University Press
Yoshihiro Adachi
Yoshida South Campus, Kyoto University, 69 Konoe-cho Yoshida, Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8315, Japan
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Payment method / timing of payment
Postal transfer or Bank transfer: Plaese make a remitttance within 7 days after delivery.
Credit card: Please take a procedure for payments by credit card, together with an application procedure for the purchase of books.
COD: Please pay the delivery person in cash.
*International order: Please pre-pay.
*Depending on your order details, we may be asked to pre-pay.
*For more information, please see ordering information page
Please see the book information page
Necessary charges other than the price of books
Consumption tax / Shipping charge / COD handling fee
Order Cancellation deadline
Before the shipment of the product
Cancellation of pre-order
If the publication of pre-ordering book is cancelled, we shall inform that, and shall refund.
Delivery time
Usually, books are sent in 3 business days following the day of order.
Return Policy
Returns are acceptable only reasons for wrong books, incorrect collating books, and missing pages books.
At first, please let us know. We would like to arrange exchange. Shipping charge for making its transactions is to our cost.
Books which you opened supplements as CD-ROM, and which was marked as Library use are not acceptable.
And returns due to the convenience of customers are not acceptable, too.