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Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies 24

Wayward Distractions

Ornament, Emotion, Zombies and the Study of Buddhism in Thailand

Justin Thomas McDaniel

ISBN: 9784814003679

pub. date: 09/21

Written Language: English

Publisher: NUS Press & Kyoto University Press

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Justin Thomas McDaniel is Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Endowed Professor of the Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania. His first book, Gathering Leaves and Lifting Word's, won the Harry Benda Prize. His second book, The Lovelorn Ghost and the Magical Monk, won the Kahin Prize.



List of Images

1. Introduction: Cajoleries, Non-Human Ontology and the Importance of Thin Description in the Study of Thai Buddhist Stuff

2. Creative Engagement: The Sujavanna Wua Luang and Its Contribution to Buddhist Literature

3. Ethnicity and the Galactic Polity: Ideas and Actualities in the History of Bangkok

4. Beautifully Buddhist and Betrothed: Marriage and Buddhism as Described in the Jatakas

5. The Bird in the Corner of the Painting: Some Problems with the Use of Buddhist Texts to Study Buddhist Ornamental Art in Thailand

6. The Material Turn: An Introduction to Thai Sources for the Study of Buddhist Amulets

7. Strolling through Temporary Temples: Modern Buddhist Art Installations in Thailand

8. This Hindu Holy Man is a Thai Buddhist

9. Encountering Corpses: Notes on Zombies and the Living Dead in Buddhist Southeast Asia

10. Buddhist "Nuns" ( mae chi) and the Teaching of Pali in Contemporary Thailand