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  Kyoto Area Studies on Asia
This series was inaugurated in 1999 as a sister series of the Japanese Chiiki-Kenkyu-Sosho. Increasing globalization has rendered all the more important our endeavor to understand the region and to address issues that arise from the region. On the foundation of accumulated world-class scholarship, this series seeks original contributions to Southeast Asian Studies, and prioritizes scholarly works based on sound research data and discussions with originality from Japan and all of Asia.
Publisher: Kyoto University Press & Trans Pacific Press
  Kyoto CSEAS Series on Asian Studies
In recognition of the rapid growth of quality scholarship in East and Southeast Asia, this series was inaugurated in 2009, in order to promote and make this fine scholarly output available globally. Through the NUS Press network, the distribution is quite wide. Due to the width of the targeted audience,this series aim to produce works that will make significant contribution to the field of Southeast Asian studies, with clear and concise arguments on relevant questions in the field.
Publisher: Kyoto University Press & NUS Press
  Kyoto CSEAS Series on Philippine Studies
Publisher: Kyoto University Press & Ateneo de Manila University Press
  Frontiers of Area Studies
This series aim to share studies that compare areas and focus on their relationships as well as information related to area studies. Further, we publish promising research results with an eye to breaking new ground for area studies, such as area informatics, as we seek to become an international information channel that explores the frontier of area studies.