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The Society of Oriental Researches

Oriental Research Series

Oriental Reserch Series (Tōyōshi Kenkyu Sōkan) is the most authoritative series for Asian studies.

New Book

Oriental Research Series No.73
Shi‘ite Pilgrimage to the Sacred ‘Atabāt

TERADA Takanobu
8,500 JPY


To be announced

Published Books

No.71 Shi‘ite Pilgrimage to the Sacred ‘Atabāt by MORIKAWA Tomoko 6,000 JPY
No.70 A Study of the History of Chinese Historiography by INABA Ichiro 8,500 JPY
No.69 Qing Policy towards the Amur District and Minorities by MATSUURA Shigeru 7,000 JPY
No.68 The Administration of Justice in Ancient China by MOMIYAMA Akira 4,600 JPY
No.67 A Study of the History of Pre-imperial China by YOSHIMOTO Michimasa 8,500 JPY
No.66 A study of relations between China, Ryukyu and Japan in late Qing period by NISHIZATO Kikoh 9,000 JPY
No.65 The Mongol Empire and Dai-ön Uls by SUGIYAMA Msa’aki 8,000 JPY
No.64 A Study of the Fiscal System in late Imperial China by IWAI Shigeki 6,600 JPY
No.63 A Study for Anti-Opium Policy of the Qing Government before the Opium War by INOUE Hiromasa 5,500 JPY
No.62 A Study for the Political History of the Six Dynasties Time by YASUDA Jiirō 15,000 JPY
No.61 Studies in the History of Mughal India by KONDO Osamu 10,000 JPY
No.60 A Study for the Life of Dao-Xuān by FUJIYOSI Masumi 15,000 JPY
No.59 A Study for the History of Confucianism in China by SHIMADA Kenji 10,000 JPY
No.58 A Study for the History of Cotton Industry in Modern China by MORI Tokihiko 13,000 JPY
No.57 The Study of the Fu-bing Military System:
the Fu-bing Soldiers and their Society
by KEGASAWA Yasunori 15,600 JPY
No.56 Historical Study of Social and Economic Relationes
between the Persico-Islamic World and the China
by SATO Keishiro 10,000 JPY
No.55 The Penal Systems of the Qin and Han Dynasties by TOMIYA Itaru 15,534 JPY
No.54 Studies on the History of the Statute Labour System in the Ming Dynasty by TANIGUCHI Kikuo 15,534 JPY
No.53 A Study of Benevolent Societies and Benevolent Halls in China by FUMA Susumu 24,272 JPY
No.52 Studies in the Area History of Tang Period by OTAGI Hajime 16,311 JPY
No.51 Gandhāran Art and the Kushan Dynasty by ODANI Nakao 15,534 JPY
No.50 The Dong-Lin Movement and the Restoration Society in the Late Ming by ONO Kazuko 17,476 JPY
No.49 Political Thought in the Ch’ing Period and the Opium War by Otani Toshio 19,417 JPY
No.48 Palmyra the Caravan City by KODAMA Shinjiro 16,796 JPY
No.47 A Study on the Political History of the Eastern Han by KANO Naosada 13,107 JPY
No.46 Studies on the History of the Jürched Tribes in the Ming Period by KAWACHI Yoshihiro 17,476 JPY
No.45 Studies in the History of River Conservation in the Ming by TANI Mitsutaka 24,272 JPY
No.44 An Area Study in Chinese Social Changes from Tang to Song By SATAKE Yasuhiko 19,417 JPY