Kyoto Area Studies on Asia 16
East Asian Economies and New Regionalism

ABE Shigeyuki and Bhanupong NIDHIPRABA

B5変上製・304頁・税込 4,968円
ISBN: 9784876984664
発行年月: 2008/02
記述言語: 英語




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Shigeyuki Abe and Bhanupong Nidhipraba

1 The New Development Paradigm in East Asia
Mahani Zainal-Abidin
2 The Emergence and Proliferation of FTAs in East Asia
Shujiro Urata
3 ASEAN's Strategy toward an Increasing Asian Integration
Suthiphand Chirathivat
4 ASEAN, China and India: Are They More Competitive or Complementary to Each Other?
Yumiko Okamoto
5 Aging and Productivity Growth for the Japanese Manufacturing Industries
Shandre M. Thangavelu and Shigeyuki Abe
6 Productivity, Technological Progress and Factor Substitution in the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector
Lai Yew Wah
7 Rural Economy in Myanmar at the Crossroads: With Special Reference to Rice Policies
Koichi Fujita
8 Social Safety Nets in Southeast Asia: With Special Reference to Thailand
Srawooth Paitoonpong and Shigeyuki Abe
9 Credit Crunch in East Asia: A Retrospective
Masahiro Enya, Akira Kohsaka and Mervin Pobre
10 Contractionary Devaluation Revisited: Can Appreciation be Expansionary?
Bhanupong Nidhiprabha
11 The Role of the Investment Climate in East Asia: What Really Matters?
Shoko Negishi