Kyoto Area Studies on Asia 6
The Political Ecology of Tropical Forests in Southeast Asia
:Historical Perspectives

ABE Ken-ichi, Will de JONG, Tuck-po LYE eds.

B5変上製・265頁・税込 5,400円
ISBN: 9784876984534
発行年月: 2003/02
記述言語: 英語





1 The political ecology of tropical forests in Southeast Asia: Historical roots of modern problems
  Wil de Jong, Lye Tuck-Po, Abe Ken-ichi
2 Forests versus agriculture: Colonial forest services, environmental ideas and the regulation of land-use change in Southeast Asia
  Lesley Potter
3 Trading in the forest: Lessons from Lao history
  Deanna Donovan
4 The political ecology of forest products in Indonesia: A history of changing adversaries
  Wil de Jong
5 Peat swamp forest development in Indonesia and the political ecology of tropical forests in Southeast Asia
  Abe Ken-ichi
6 De facto decentralization and community conflicts in East Kalimantan, Indonesia: Explanations from local history and implications for community forestry
  Steve Rhee
7 One hundred years of land use changes: Political, social, and economic influences on an Iban village in Bakong River Basin, Sarawak, East Malaysia
  Ichikawa Masahiro
8 The ecological-economics of non-sustainable development: Logging tropical forests in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
  Herb Thompson
9 Discourse and Southeast Asian deforestation: A case study of the International Tropical Timber Organization
  Fred Gale
10 Indigenous people, rubber tappers, and colonizers: Production for subsistence and commerce in Amazonia
  Kimura Hideo
11 The problem of gaizai: The view from Japanese forestry villages
  John Knight



LYE, Tuck-Po(ライ タックポー)
The Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (CETDEM)
DE JONG, Wil(ウィル デヨング)
The Center for International Forestry Research (Indonesia)
阿部 健一(あべ けんいち)