: The Evolution of Human Sociality

Kaori Kawai ed

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ISBN: 9784814000906
発行年月: 2017/02



Introduction—From “Groups” to “Institutions”: In Pursuit of an?Evolutionary Foundation for Human Society and Sociality?
Kaori Kawai

Part I: The Mechanism of the Formation of Institutions
1  The Formation of Institutions
Toru Soga
2  An Institution Called Death: Towards Its
Arche ?Motomitsu Uchibori
3  Institution and Ritualization
Masakazu Tanaka
4  Children, Play, Rules: Places of Expression of Institution
Hitoshige Hayaki
5  The Day Teaching Becomes Institution: An Evolutionary ?Horizon From Apes to Humans
Hideaki Terashima

Part II: Concrete Phases of the Emergence of Institutions
6  Who is the Alpha Male? The Institutionality of Dominance?Rank in Chimpanzee Society
Hitonaru Nishie
7  Duality of the Mode of Coexistence and Action Selection:?Groups and the Emergence of “Institutions” in Chimpanzees?
Noriko Itoh
8  When Keeping One’s Ears Open for the Distant Voices of?Others: The Process-Oriented Convention in Chimpanzees?and Institution
Shunkichi Hanamura
9  Peace Building in the Wild: Thinking about Institutions from?Cases of Conflict and Peace in Sulu
Ikuya Tokoro
10  Institutionalized Cattle Raiding: Its Formalization and Value?Creation Amongst the Pastoral Dodoth
Kaori Kawai

Part III: Theory for the Evolution of Institutions
11  What Connects and Separates Pre- and Post-Institution?
Koji Kitamura
12  Living One’s Role Under Institution: Ecological Niches and?Animal Societies
Kaoru Adachi
13  Proofs in Mathematics and the Performance of Institutions:?A Study of Evolution Starting from Kepler’s Equation?
Naoki Kasuga
14  Basic Components of Institution: Understanding?Institution According to Triangular and Tetrahedral Models
?Takeo Funabiki

Part IV: The Expansion of Institution Theory
15  The Ontology of Feeling: The Evolutionary Basis of “Natural?Institutions” in Inuit Extended Family Groups
Keiichi Omura
16  The Institution of “Feeling”: On “Feeling Inside” and?“Institutionalized Envy”
Yuko Sugiyama
17  Was the Old Woman’s Death a Suicide? A Discussion on the?Basis of Institutions
Ryoko Nishii
18  The Evolutionary Foundations of Institutions: Rule, Deviation,?Identity
Suehisa Kuroda

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