Kyoto Area Studies on Asia 10
Laying the Tracks
:The Thai Economy and its Railways 1885-1935


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ISBN: 9784876984596
発行年月: 2005/02
記述言語: 英語


鉄道は,第二次世界大戦前のタイをどう変えたのか? テクノロジーによる時間/費用距離の短縮がもたらす近代の諸相を,バンコクと周縁部間の経済的関係の強化という観点から分析.鉄道政策の変遷,商品流通構造の変容等,近代アジアにおける鉄道のインパクトを克明に分析すると同時に,タイの鉄道史のエピソードを興味深く紹介する.


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1 Introduction - Trends in the Debate about Railways
Trends in the Debate about Railways
Thai Studies and Railways
Objectives and Scope
The Sources
Components of the Study
2 Conditions of Transport prior to Railway Construction
Coastal Shipping
Inland Shipping
Land Transport
Time-distance Map before Railways Construction
3 Commodity Flows prior to Railway Construction
The Upper Chaophraya Basin
The Mekong Basin
The Malay Peninsula
Bangkok asa an Entrepo^t and Its Hinterlands
4 The Introduction of Railways and the Establishment of Railway Policy
Moving towards Railways Construction
Construction of the First State Railway
Response to Private Railways
Expansion of State Railways
Establishing a Policy of Railway Expansion
5 The Age of Railway Development- Transitions in Railway Policy
Prince Kamphaengphetユs Organizational Reforms
Expansion and Unification of Railway Netwarks
Developments of Railway Transport
The Changing Roles of Railways
6 Direct and Indirect Effects of Railways
Railways and Their Direct Effects
Railways and Rice Transport - An Example of Price
Railways and Pig Transport - Creating a New Commodity Flow
Railways and Wood Transport
Direct Effects of Railways and Changes to Commodity Flow
7 Railways and the Economic Integration of Thailand
Expansion of Bangkokユs Hinterland - The North
Maintenance of Bagkokユs Hinterland - The Northeast
Strengthening Relations with Bangkok - The South
Economic Roles of Railways
8 Conclusion - Railway Construction and Commodity Flow