Japan Studies in Classical Antiquity Vol.3

The Classical Society of Japan ed.

A5並製・142頁・税込 2,160円
ISBN: 9784814001002
発行年月: 2017/03


Elizabeth Craik, The Lexicographer Erotian as a Guide to theHippocratic Corpus

Taisuke Okada, Zeugitai and Hoplites:a Military Dimension of the Solon's Property Classes Revisited

Hiromi Hamamoto, Choral Ritual Performers in Euripides’ Electra: Brides and Laudators

Noburu Notomi, Freedom and the State in Plato's Politeiα (Republic):
Reconsidering the concept of ‘politeia'

Martin Ciesko, A Brush with Patrophagy: Philemon fr. 43 K-A

Masahiro Imai, Chrysippus and Early Alexandrian Physicians on the
Location of the Control Centre of the Soul

Taro Hyuga, Il fantasma di Cinzia: Properzio 4.7

Hiroyuki Takahashi, Rumor and War: from Caesar to the Aeneid and
the Metamorphoses